The Client

Good Light Theatre Co.

Harrisburg, PA

Good Light Theatre Co. is a collective of interdisciplinary artists that provides and promotes arts opportunities, access, and advocacy for and with the people in local communities. With the goal of reaching an expansive, vibrant audience, the collective sought to create a visual identity that was equally vibrant.

After my usual exploration process, I landed upon two possible directions.

For the first direction, the letterforms (all hand-lettered, of course) are inspired by Cooper Black, a style that brings with it such a nostalgic, child-like wonder, which I felt was a significant and fitting element to tap into. The colors are strong and diverse, signaling depth, energy, and comfort.

The second direction is decidedly more buttoned up, but it maintains a playful character that is necessary for this project. Here, red and purple are used as two primary colors on white. The lettering is similar in structure to that of the first option, but more refined and mature.

After discussing with the client, we decided to move forward with the first option, noting that its palette and style will be more accessible and captivating for young and diverse audiences.

I further refined some details of the logo, created iconography based on the design elements from the logo, and developed a brand identity guide to ensure the client can easily adhere to the intended vision of the brand identity.